Parrita Municipality - La Chirraca Exit

Construction of a flexible pavement structure, with horizontal road demarcation and permanent vertical signaling, as well as improvement in the drainage system with the construction of culvert, curb and / or cordon and pipe passages, in three sites in the canton of Parrita: the first site, the entrance to La Chirraca and the Las Orquídeas housing project, in Playón Sur, Parrita, Puntarenas, 680.00 m long, the second site corresponds to the community of Loma Linda, in Parrita Puntarenas, with a length of 1,287.00 m, and finally, the third point corresponds to the surroundings of the community of Valladolid, where the intervention corresponds to a total of 1,615.00 m, of which 540.00 m involve demarcation and signaling of roads with cobblestones.

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