Constructora Pavicen Ltda is committed to helping mitigate the carbon footprint and contributing to the protection of the environment.

This is why every day we work on different projects focused on generating social and environmental value.



¡El 1% que hace la diferencia en el ambiente! Hemos comprobado en laboratorio que utilizar un 1% de plástico reciclado en la composición de la carpeta asfáltica no perjudica la calidad, durabilidad y características de una calle o carretera. 

La alianza con ecoins nos permite recuperar el material que requerimos para incorporarlo al proceso de elaboración de mezcla asfáltica, utilizando plástico. Además, el ambiente puede percibir un gran beneficio ya que el plástico recuperado podría servir como material para la construcción de calles.



The Costa Rican company Pavicen, together with the Master's candidate from the University of Costa Rica, Eng. Ernesto Villegas. built the first section of a highway with recycled asphalt and plastic in Costa Rica, also called "Asfalto Verde" (Green Asphalt)

We are the first company in Costa Rica to add 1% recycled PET plastic to the asphalt mix for road construction. 

This project is based on circular economy, which aims to show the voice of the customer together with a technical development providing a replicable product on a large scale. It is conceived as a first stage that is expected to be adopted in the country.